How to Manipulate Women


WARNING:Techniques on how to manipulate women are for informational purposes only and should not be attempted on real live women. Some tactics might be described as “underground” or “black market” methods.

If attempted on a woman you may feel bad or guilty. That is until you come to the realization that most females are manipulative women themselves and those guilty feelings you have will pass.

Since you’re reading this you’ve probably already done some prior research and noticed that most information readily available on handling or manipulating women is really confusing. The advice is to become a completely different person, or the opposite: ” just be yourself”. Some expect you to use creepy ( and obvious) subliminal tricks that sound good on paper, but you just know you couldn’t possibly pull off.

Click here to watch a free video that explains inception style tricks like sexual triggers (sexual triggers allow you to say things that don’t register to her logical mind, but subconsciously get her wanting you).

how-to-manipulate-women-image-bw-03I went most of my adult life without realizing that everything i was doing (actually, everything I thought about doing – because I never had the balls to try) didn’t work.  I finally found out that not all women are affected the same way or attracted to the same thing. What turns one woman on, could just as easily turn another woman off.

It took me awhile to learn about a completely different approach to ‘handling’ women.

In my early attempts to learn how to control women, i tried to read books on psychology and the female mind. These books were hard to understand and they were long and drawn out. I would get bored and look for information else where.

how-to-manipulate-people-textAs time went on, I read countless articles in mens magazines looking for answers, but all i found was the same information that sounded good when i read it, but when i attempted to apply the techniques, it seemed that each situation and each woman were different. These methods rarely worked, if at all. If you experimented in similar ways, you know what I mean.

I’d read womens magazines to learn how to handle and control women

I even went so far as to read articles in women’s magazines at the laundromat, hoping to get a glimpse into the female mind. I would never tell my male friends that I’ve read Cosmo, but I was desperate. I eventually realized the information wasn’t going to easily be found in a magazine or a book.

I finally decided to observe guys who were successful with women and learn what worked for them and maybe try to emulate what they were doing.  So i head over to the local bar for a drink and hopefully a lesson in how to handle women.

So I’m sitting at the bar and there are a lot of girls around. There was this one girl that was super model hot and there were other attractive girls, plain Jane average girls and just plain ugly girls. These were the only ‘types’ of women i knew about. Apparently the ugly girls were the only ones that seemed interested in me.

All these different types of guys were trying to talk to the girls and pick them up. It was interesting to watch men manipulate women, or at least attempt to.

Some guys were obviously nervous and would try small talk, ask to buy them drinks or go right in for the phone number. Those attempts never worked. Other guys tried the cocky and funny approach that would sometimes work on one girl, but wouldn’t work on another girl that seemed like the same type of woman. Every guy was trying, but no one was having any success with the really hot girl. She just didn’t seem interested.

Then this one dorky looking guy walked up to the super hot girl, chatted with her for a minute, had her giggling pretty quickly, got her number and left. I was lucky enough to hear the entire conversation (which was basically just small talk, with a couple lame jokes), so i decided to try it on the same type of woman.

The first really hot woman i approached just gave me a long, blank stare then went back to talking with her friends. Another girl cut me off before i was finished and told me she had a boyfriend. Every time i tried, i would fail. Miserably.

How to manipulate women by using a “loophole” in female psychology


how-to-control-women-bw-04I kept failing with these women, but i learned something as well. I learned that after failing so much, talking to women became easier. I wasn’t scared, and even if I do fail, i don’t take it personally anymore. After learning a few simple ninja techniques, I don’t have to worry about failure.

I didn’t figure all this out on my own, of course. In my never ending search for knowledge on the subject, I stumbled across a video on the internet. The video gave away some amazing tips that actually work. Click here to watch the video and learn some easy methods that require just about ‘zero’ effort on your part. All you really need to do is “be aware” of what your doing and saying.

Things you wouldn’t even think of like: Which way to face when talking to her and exactly where (and when) to look at her to get her sexually attracted to you instantly.

You’ll learn there are simple ‘mind-reading’ tricks you can use on women to be able to identify what her desires are and what turns her off within a minute or two. And that once you know what she wants, you will be able to know exactly what to say to her to manipulate her into whatever you want.

So instead of being nervous and awkward when you’re around her, learn that you can evoke those same exact feelings in her for you. It involves a “loophole” in female psychology. This works with every type of woman.

The video itself is long (and free) but it’s very informative and reveals secrets about women and also has real testimonials from real guys as well as a psychotherapist.

Click here to watch the video and learn how to control women. The video contains audio so you may want to plug in your headphones first.



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