How to Control Women

how-to-control-women-bw-01In order to learn how to control women, you have to understand women. To understand women in general, and to understand individual ‘types’ of women. You have to know the way women think, and know the way a certain type of woman thinks. To do the latter, you have to be able to determine what type of woman she is, to understand her logic in order to know how to manipulate her.

Womens Logic

I know what you’re thinking, ” womens logic?!? women don’t use logic!” I hate to be the one to break it to you, but they do, it’s just different than a mans. While understanding her logic may not mean much to you now, it does to her. It is her world, it’s the way she experiences everything and it is the basis for understanding and learning how to control women.

How to Control Women By Understanding How They Think

Women in general think with their emotions. They think and make decisions based on how they feel. While a man thinks using common sense (or what he thinks is common sense).

For an example, a man and a woman are at a dog track. Both are trying to decide on a dog to bet on.

The male will check the dogs odds, check the dogs past races and maybe even take a look at the dog to see if it’s healthy, etc.

The female will check to see if the dog is cute, what color the dogs collar is, if her favorite number matches the dogs, and if she likes the dogs name. If the dogs name is Princess, you can be sure she’ll choose that dog.

Naturally, not all women leave their decision making process up to their feelings. Some women think more rationally. Many women become highly successful in business because they don’t think using their feelings. These women know what they want and know how to get it, are highly competitive, very aggressive and are very manipulative women.

These types of women are easy to spot, but a woman doesn’t have to be the alpha female to be a manipulating woman.

A lot of women manipulate men. It comes natural to them. Women have had access to manipulation techniques their entire lives. At a very young age, girls realize that all they have to do is smile, walk by or say hi to a guy and he is putty in their hands. They know that guys will fall all over themselves to give them what they want. As they get older they read womens magazines and learn tips and strategies on controlling and manipulating.

All this was happening while you were playing with your toys thinking, “girls are gross”. Before you even realized girls existed, you were probably being manipulated by one, that may be how you noticed girls to begin with. You’re probably being controlled by manipulative women right now and don’t even know it.

Whether you’re dealing with daddy’s’ little princess who always gets what she wants, or the aggressive go-getter with an agenda, or any other type of female in between, being able to determine immediately what type of women she is and understanding the way she thinks will help you in learning how to control women.


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