About Me

Hi. Just like you I’ve always wanted to learn everything I can about women. What they want, the way they think and how to manipulate women.

I was always shy around attractive girls (and even average girls – OK, mostly ALL females). I was too nervous around them. I would find excuses not to approach girls. If there were too many people around, that would be my excuse. If we were alone, i would think that wasn’t the right time either.

Have you ever made eye contact with a pretty girl? She kind of smiles, then looks away- and then looks back. It’s a good feeling right? For years thats as far as I would get.

“Look at ‘em and leave ‘em.”
That was my motto.

So i would spend alot of time just staring at girls I liked, and that would creep them out.

When I finally got the courage to talk to women, i would always say the wrong things. I was shy, so naturally I was nervous. When you’re nervous, you just feel awkward. Your hands get sweaty, your voice gets all weird. It’s Hell.

There was alot of small talk back then, but mostly uncomfortable silences. Those are the worst.

You always realize what you should of said, after it’s too late.

But being shy had it’s advantages. I would watch situations and learn from them.

I spent years going to bars, parties, clubs – everywhere. Learning about women. As I gained more confidence, i would approach women and experiment. What worked with certain women… and what didn’t.

Alot of times i would go too far and really piss women off. My friends would think i was crazy because i would have an amazing woman interested in me and then just totally ruin it with her and she would run away mad.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was experimenting and doing research for this site.

Now I don’t claim to be a cassanova or a Don Juan. I don’t even consider myself a player. I am always searching for more info and trying to learn more about women all the time. I still experiment on women. It’s sort of a hobby. What i find I share on this site.

Once you learn how to manipulate women, it doesn’t matter what you look like, how much money you have or how old you are.

You can have any woman you want.

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