How to Manipulate Women into Liking You

how-to-manipulate-women-into-liking-youIf you want to learn how to manipulate women into liking you, you should first understand women. You need to learn how to think like a woman. Not just any woman, but the woman you are targeting. Your victim.

Many tactics for men manipulating women may work for women in general, but you’re better off lazer targeting your attempts rather than just throwing random shit at her and hoping something sticks.

To Trick women into liking you is a trick in itself

With manipulative women who like to control men, it’s different. Women can pretty much use the same techniques on each guy, and it will usually work.

Most of the time a women just has to bend over or shake her ass to manipulate men. And sometimes all she has to do is bat her eyes or use baby talk and most guys are putty in her hands.

But us men have to be a little more creative to successfully learn how to control  women.

As you may or not have heard before, all women are different and what works with one woman, may not work for another. What turns one on, may just as well turn another off.

an (extreme) example: If you know the woman you’re interested in has a foot fetish, then dangling your stinking bare foot in front of her nose may turn her on. But will most defenitely turn any other woman off.

There are simple tricks to manipulate women into liking you

To learn about the different things to say and do to women to get theminterested in you, click here and watch a long but informative video on how to manipulate women into wanting you.

Find out exactly which ‘type’ of women the girl you like is and you will know precisely what to say to her to get her chasing you.

You simply ask her a few questions to determine what type she is.

Once you know the secret, you only need to mutter a few words to get her addicted to you.

Its almost like reading her mind to find out just who she really is and telling her what she needs to hear to get her juices flowing.

Click to watch the video and determine which category the girl you want is in and you are on your way to learning to manipulate the circumstances and make women attracted to you.



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