Dealing With Manipulative Women

manipulative-women-bw-05We’ve all had to deal with manipulative women at some point in our lives. Whether it was your mother manipulating you into doing your chores by enticing you with candy and toys, or a woman in a bar flirting with you so you buy her a drink, only to vanish after receiving it.

Manipulative women use many tactics to persuade men into doing what they want. Most of the tactics rely on using sex. Seduction is a very effective technique for women to use, especially if the woman is attractive.

Men find it hard to deny a pretty females request for just about anything. Sometimes they don’t even have to ask for something, just hint and the man will comply.

I was in a club once sitting at the bar and noticed a very attractive woman slurping through a straw in an empty drink next to some random guy. She continued slurping so the guy would hear. Noticing her glass was empty (how could he not?), naturally he offered to buy her a drink.

Later, the woman sat next to me and tried the same slurping technique. I ignored the first couple of slurps but she persisted and kept looking at me with big Bambi eyes. Finally I told her how lady-like she is when she sips her cocktail and asked her if she also chews with her mouth open when she eats.

She stopped the slurping and moved on to the next guy.

The best thing to do when dealing with manipulative women is to ignore them, deny them in some way or just say No.

Nothing frustrates an aggressive/attractive/manipulative women more than when her tricks don’t work on someone.

In some cases just saying no is easier said than done as a lot of men cave when dealing with any type of women. Most men consider themselves lucky that a woman would even consider talking to them, so they naturally give in, and are happy to do it.

There are plenty of nice, sweet and honest women out there so you don’t need to settle for a manipulative woman. But you don’t really have a choice in the matter do you?


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