Manipulative Women

There are many methods manipulative women use, and they manipulate for many reasons and in many ways. Women in general tend to be much more subtle in their every day actions while men are a bit more obvious. You might think this is an obvious statement and you’re probably correct. After all, it was written by a man.

manipulative-women-bw-01Take for example when you’re in a club or a bar (or any other social enviroment) with your friends and an extremely attractive women enters and walks by. Did you notice that every one of your friends heads (and your own as well) turned to stare or gawk at the woman? You could probably tell where the woman was at all times by where your friends heads were turned. Some guys will actually nudge each other right in plain view of the woman in question and even point at her and make an obvious statement like, “check her out”.

You naturally think she didn’t notice or hear, and she lets you believe that.

A woman will be more subtle in ‘checking’ a guy out. If a guy that women find attractive enters a room, women in general will look at him with just their eyes, leaving their head facing forward or whichever direction they were originally facing.

That was just one example, you have probably noticed similar ways manipulative women are subtle. It makes the way women manipulate men that much easier. But they’re not always subtle, one of the manipulation techniques women use that’s a bit more obvious is crying. Crying could be used as misdirection or as a last resort in manipulation when other tricks aren’t working.

As to why a woman would ever want to manipulate a man is different for each case. Alot of times it’s for no reason at all. Well, other than the fact that women want to be noticed. They want to be liked by everyone. Life is a popularity contest to them. Even if a woman has absolutely zero interest in you, they still want you to like them. They all want to be the most popular.

This brings us to all the articles in mens magazines and blog post about how to tell if a woman’s interested in you and how this information is usually wrong. Of course a girl could actually like you, maybe. Whatever her actions are, they could be for the benefit of someone else, even though she’s applying them to you. Or they could mean nothing. Manipulative women work in mysterious ways.

How to tell if a woman’s interested in you myths

These articles about how to tell if a woman is interested in you usually all have the same information and make it sound all black and white, here are some of the most popular:

  • If a woman maintains eye contact while she’s talking to you, she’s interested.

If a woman maintains eye contact while she’s talking to you may just mean she was brought up right. Or perhaps she really wants you to listen to her silly story. Also, people who consider themselves ‘people persons’, will always maintain eye contact regardless of what they think of you.

If she doesn’t make eye contact with you would be a better indication that she’s interested. Maybe she doesn’t want you to notice her pupils turning into big cartoon hearts. Or maybe she’s just shy.

  • If she touches you while she’s talking to you, she’s interested.

If a woman touches you while she’s talking to you, she may be one of those people that have to touch people. She probably wasn’t hugged enough as a child.

I have male friends that tell me long drawn out stories, and if i look away from them, even just for a second, they grab my arm to get my attention back on their stupid story. I honestly don’t believe my male friends are interested in me.

If she touches you where you pee, she may actually be interested in you. Maybe.

  • If a woman plays with her hair she’s interested in you

Maybe she just got her hair done and wants everyone to notice. Maybe she’s fishing for a compliment. Maybe it’s a nervous tick. Maybe she just killed someone and she’s paranoid she’ll get caught. Maybe she’s just a manipulative woman

  • If a woman rubs her breasts on you, she’s interested.

If a girl pushes her funbags on you means she wants you to notice her boobs. She wants you to be sexually aroused by her. Waitresses, bartenders and strippers do this all the time because they want money. What does the girl that left boob prints on you want?

Sometimes their boobs are so big they don’t realize they’re rubbing them up on you. If a woman brushes her breasts against you, that usually means you’re interested in her.

If a girl does any or all of these things, it’s quite possible she actually could be interested in you. Stranger things have happened, right? Or it could be nothing to do with you.

Those were just a few examples of how women control men in subtle ways. What you have to consider when trying to figure out if a girl is interested in you is, what her motives are and who else is around. Who else is watching and listening. While she may be doing these things to you, it may be for the benefit of someone else. Or it may just mean she wants you to notice her and like her, even if she can’t stand you. Or it could be nothing to do with you.

Manipulative women know how to work all the angles, pay attention to them, you just might learn something.

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