Manipulative Women

There are many methods manipulative women use, and they manipulate for many reasons and in many ways. Women in general tend to be much more subtle in their every day actions while men are a bit more obvious.

You might think this is an obvious statement and you’re probably correct.

After all, it was written by a man.

Take for example when you’re in a club or a bar (or any other social enviroment) with your friends and an extremely attractive women enters and walks by.

Did you notice that every one of your friends heads (and your own as well) turned to stare or gawk at the woman?

You could probably tell where the woman was at all times by where your friends heads were turned.

Some guys will actually nudge each other right in plain view of the woman in question and even point at her and make an obvious statement like, “check her out”.

You naturally think she didn’t notice or hear, and she lets you believe that.

A woman will be more subtle in ‘checking’ a guy out.

If a guy that women find attractive enters a room, women in general will look at him with just their eyes.

leaving their head facing forward or whichever direction they were originally facing.