How To Manipulate Women

When attempting to manipulate women, you may feel bad or guilty. That is until you come to the realization that most females are manipulative women themselves and those guilty feelings you have will pass.

Since you’re reading this you’ve probably already done some prior research and noticed that most information readily available on handling or manipulating women is really confusing.

The advice is to become a completely different person and/or use creepy ( and obvious) subliminal tricks that sound good on paper, but you just know you couldn’t possibly pull off.

I found a cool, free video that reveals some stealth techniques on 'handling' women.

These ninja tricks are below their radar and you don't come off as being sketchy.

Click here to watch a free video that explains inception style tricks like sexual triggers (sexual triggers allow you to say things that don't register to her logical mind, but subconsciously get her wanting you).

It's a long video, but very informative. Also, it has audio so adjust your volume or pop in some headphones.