How To Control women

When learning how to control women one thing you need to take into consideration is feelings. Not just hers, but yours as well.

women tend to think and make decisions based on their emotions more so than men, or so men would like to think.

Before learning that if you can control a womens feelings, you can control the women, you should first learn to control your own feelings.

You may think you have that in check, but every guy gets offended or his feelings hurt by women.

When this happens, the males reaction is usally based on emotions and he sounds like a bitch.

Now i’m not saying to disregard your emotions entirely, as you need to keep in touch with emotions when dealing with women, just don’t act on them.

Don’t get all emotional if she doesn’t do what you want or notice you or whatever.

Acknowledge the emotion, just don’t act on it emotionally. blow it off for now (cry later).

Don’t be offended. Don’t lose control of your emotions. When you let your emotions take over, logic goes right out the window.

Do You want to know how to control women, or how to let her control the woman in you?

When you go into battle with a woman, and both of you are using emotions as weapons, she will always win.

She’s been getting her way using her emotions from day one, and when she’s almost got you beat and is about to finish you, she’ll end with the big finale… She’ll cry.

Game over