Learn How to Manipulate Women

how to manipulate women graphicThere are many reasons why you may want to learn how to manipulate women. If your boss is a woman, you may want to use manipulation to advance your career. If you are married, you may want the influential power to make things easier for you at home. To learn how to control a woman would come in handy to give you a more enjoyable social life. But mostly, learning manipulation techniques to affect the thoughts of women is used for sex.

Whatever the reason, the techniques for controlling a woman can be applied to whatever your motives are. The merriam-webster site defines manipulation: “to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage”. In laymans tems: “trick her into doing what you want”.

In your search on how to manipulate women, you’ve probably read books on manipulation, books on psychology, searched online and found blogs and websites and even skimmed articles in mens magazines that claim to be experts in the field. You may have even noticed that a lot of the information on how to control women or how to ‘read’ them so you can understand their minds in order to manipulate women, is the same information you’ve heard or read before, and what’s even worse:

Most of the information easily available to the public on understanding and manipulating women is simply not true.

Much of what you’ll find on controlling women and tips on reading women may look good on paper and you can probably imagine that what you find would work… in theory. Reading information on a screen and applying psychological methods in the real world are two different things.

But it can’t all be bullshit, right? Sure, there are tried and true methods that actually work you can find easily for free. Many websites, blogs and mens magazines do provide techniques that may work and you can find this information simple enough. But you know who else can find this information? Women.

Women know about all the the tricks and tactics you’re just now learning about. Most women already know all about the ways men attempt to manipulate women long before you stumble across how. Even articles in mens magazines that you wouldn’t think women read, you can be sure they do.

If you use some commonly known tactics on controlling women on a particular victim, and she sees it coming a mile away, she may view you as sneaky (or pathetic) and be offended or just plain annoyed. At the same time, a female may see what you’re up to and be flattered or interested and play along with you. Some women will see it as a game and will want to play.

Either way it’s good to know what you’re up against. Knowing what type of women she is and the way she thinks will determine how she’ll react and is essential in learning how to manipulate women.


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