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NEW! Not Just Sex Comic Strips

December 28, 2012

Just added a new comic strip category to this site. The way I see it, learning to manipulate women is hard work and you readers may enjoy a break from it with some cartoons. And while women are more audible than us, meaning they like to listen. Listen to gossip, our stories and they always [...]

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How to Control Women When you Can’t Even Control This

April 6, 2012

When learning how to control women one thing you need to take into consideration is feelings. Not just hers, but yours as well. Women tend to think and make decisions based on their emotions more so than men, or so men would like to think. Before learning that if you can control a womens feelings, [...]

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How to Manipulate Women into Liking You

March 5, 2012

If you want to learn how to manipulate women into liking you, you should first understand women. You need to learn how to think like a woman. Not just any woman, but the woman you are targeting. Your victim. Many tactics for men manipulating women may work for women in general, but you’re better off lazer targeting your [...]

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How to Manipulate Women

June 6, 2011

WARNING:Techniques on how to manipulate women are for informational purposes only and should not be attempted on real live women. Some tactics might be described as “underground” or “black market” methods. If attempted on a woman you may feel bad or guilty. That is until you come to the realization that most females are manipulative [...]

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Men Manipulating Women

June 5, 2011

When it comes to men manipulating women, there are very few requirements in order to succeed. You don’t need to be good looking, wealthy or a ‘certain’ age to control women into doing exactly what you want. That’s the whole idea behind manipulating women. If you were already really attractive, girls would (probably) be flirting and [...]

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